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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture the memorable moments. I love to look back on past photos from over the years, because it gives me joy to see different people I’ve been around and the fun times we shared. And these photos last forever, keeping the happy memories tied to them. Here are 4 photo ideas you can try this holiday season!

  1. Smiling faces

    Spending time with family and friends is arguably the most important part of the holiday season. Whether it’s visiting family members or reuniting with friends you haven’t seen in a while, capturing those smiling faces is a memory to cherish for all time to come. You can capture portraits, or even candid moments! 
  1. Holiday dishes

    Food shots are simply fun! Capture the detail of your mom’s casserole, or the steam off the hot prime rib. Play around with different angles to capture the arrangement of food on the dinner table, or even on a dinner plate. And don’t forget the dessert! 
  1. Twinkle twinkle little star

    Bright and colorful lights are abundant this time of year, adding color dimension to any portrait or close up. You can also take a step back, and capture the bright lights on houses in your neighborhood, or city decorations in downtown. 
  1. Decorations

    Do you have that favorite ornament that brings back special memories? Capturing a close up of it hanging on your christmas tree among the twinkling lights can make for a creative photo. Or you can arrange ornaments to vary in size, color, and shape, to add texture and dimension to your image.0
Stephanie Koo

Stephanie Koo

As someone who has been involved with E-Sports since 2007, Stephanie saw the opportunity to expand inclusion to other areas of interest. With a degree in Environmental Science from SJSU and a photography background, she was inspired to start and build E-Gardening and E-Photography. She’s excited to continue to bring E-Life into new creative territories and areas of need.