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At E-Life, we are grateful for the generous support of individuals and corporate organizations

Your donation will be used to further the charitable purposes of the E-Life Program, an official community program of the Bay Area Christian Church [BACC, 2479 E. Bayshore Road Ste 185, Palo Alto, California 94303]. E-Life will directly benefit from the contribution. 100% of the donation is deductible as a charitable contribution on your federal and state income tax returns, subject to general limitations applicable to your personal circumstances.

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Paypal offers two different ways in which you can donate to the BACC. If you are a PayPal member, you can perform either of the following actions:

  • Donate via our PayPal Giving Fund page
  • Donate using the PayPal app. Simply tap the “Donate” button on the home screen, and search for “Bay Area Christian Church”

All donations given via the PayPal Giving Fund are 100% received by the Bay Area Christian Church. You will not be charged a fee for any transaction.