Inclusion is a lifestyle.

E-Life is a collection of inclusive activities for people of all ages and abilities.

What is E-Life?

E-Life is a collection of Bay Area community service programs that promote inclusion in all aspects of life, because inclusion should not be limited to the classroom. From gardening to photography, E-Life provides activities for any person at any age and life stage.


Grow and cultivate connection and engagement in a sensory garden

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In Session 4/20- 5/18


See the world through a different lens.

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Next Session Summer 2024


Learn how to build emotional connections through drama and improv!

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In Session 4/20- 5/18


Empowering kids to reach their full athletic and social potential
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In Session 2/10


Reach your full academic potential (ages 18+)

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Our Writings

Our Writings

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Resources for the ADHD Brain

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Having ADHD is hard, and so is finding the resources we need for it, so we’ve put together tools that are simple, accessible, and easy to use. 

Celebrating Differences

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On Thursday March 21, 2024 the world celebrated World Down Syndrome Day, bringing awareness everywhere how beautiful our differences are. It is not our differences that divide us. It is our…

How to Build a Sensory Garden

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From flowers to vegetables and herbs, gardens are beautiful spaces where you can enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with your surroundings. Being aware of your surroundings and environment can help…

Access to Adventure 2023

| E-Life | No Comments
Saturday September 16th, E-Life was invited to participate in Support for Families Inclusive Recreation Fair, Access to Adventure, at Crissy Field Tunnel Tops. Support for Families is a parent-led organization…

Our Story

E-Life will bring our inclusive mantra into new areas such as farming, music, art, and gaming while we maintain and continue to develop E-Sports, the inclusive sports program we established and have been expanding since April 2000. These new initiatives will enable us to spread the mindset of inclusion to more individuals of all different ages and abilities.

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