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E-Sports inclusive programs have been wildly successful. Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen hundreds of children and teenagers flourish socially, emotionally, and physically because of the inclusive environment they experience at E-Sports. So we thought, why not bring this inclusive environment to more individuals in more areas and stages of life? 

E-Gardening is our newest inclusive program. We have designed an organic sensory garden to promote connection and engagement through the act of gardening. A sensory garden is a garden environment that is designed to stimulate and engage mindfulness through one’s sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. This occurs courtesy of plants and the use of materials within the garden. The feel of the leaves, the smell of the soil, the sound of the birds, the taste of the fruit, and the sight of the bright flowers. Gardening allows anyone to ground themselves in their surroundings. The purpose of a sensory garden is to improve our physical fitness, health, mood and cognition. 

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

– John Muir

We are all connected by the world around us. When we are able to engage in it, we’re able to relate, connect, and inspire. Personally I have found gardening to be very helpful with my anxiety disorder. There’s just something about it, that has the ability to root my mind in the present. It brings a sense of calm to my thoughts and body, allowing me to think clearly as I work with my hands. The different senses just ground me in what I’m doing in the moment, so my thoughts don’t wander. I want to share this with other people, because we don’t have to have special needs to connect with those that do. We may not fully understand what someone else goes through, but we can understand each other when we connect with one another and our environment.

E-Gardening had its ground breaking day on April 17th, and the turn out was amazing! Everyone was so excited to participate, and be a part of something that built their community. We don’t realize how much something is needed until it exists. A community sensory garden can bring people from all walks of life together, that might not connect otherwise. It is something that inspires onlookers to stop and admire the love and compassion that is embodied in E-Gardening. We cannot wait for the first series of E-Gardening to begin!

Stephanie Koo

Stephanie Koo

As someone who has been involved with E-Sports since 2007, Stephanie saw the opportunity to expand inclusion to other areas of interest. With a degree in Environmental Science from SJSU and a photography background, she was inspired to start and build E-Gardening and E-Photography. She’s excited to continue to bring E-Life into new creative territories and areas of need.