E-Life 2022

Annual Report

Inclusion is a lifestyle.

2022 in Review

Our programs resumed all throughout the Bay Area, including 3 new programs and 3 upcoming new ones.

Interactive Map

Check out our new interactive map to discover all of our programs and their locations.

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Announcing the upcoming E-Programs; E-Academics, E-Theater, and E-Football.

At the heart and core of what we believe, inclusion is a lifestyle. We believe that inclusion should go beyond the classroom, and even beyond sports programs. Our hope is that our programs make inclusion a way of life. With that in mind, E-Sports has been expanding into a larger umbrella organization called E-Life. E-Life has brought our inclusive mantra into new areas such as gardening, photography, and academia. Check out our first ever E-Life Annual Report.

E-Life and E-Sports


A Year in Review

E-Life Programs

Resumed in 2022

Not even a global pandemic could take us out! Sixteen (16) programs resumed seasons this year. Read more below to learn about what programs are in your area.

West Bay

  • Sunnyvale E-Soccer, E-Hoops, & E-Fitness
  • USF E-Hoops
  • Foster City E-Soccer
  • San Jose E-Karate

East Bay

  • Hayward E-Soccer
  • Dublin E-Soccer
  • Walnut Creek E-Soccer
  • Antioch E-Hoops
  • Fairfield E-Soccer

New Programs

  • Sunnyvale E-Football
  • Sunnyvale E-Gardening
  • Foster City E-Gardening
  • Sunnyvale E-Academics
  • Sunnyvale E-Photography

2022 E-Sports Highlights

  • March 2022 E-Hoops and E-Dance night at Warriors Chase Center
  • 400-500 participants across spring and summer sessions
  • Relaunch of Fairfield E-Soccer
  • Relaunch Antioch E-Hoops
  • E-Soccer Quakes day coming Nov 2022

E-Life and E-Sports

Interactive Map

All Programs in the Bay Area

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Fall 2022 & Spring 2023

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Inclusion is a Mindset

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Fall 2022 E-Football

I’m motivated not only to teach but to empower others with the fundamentals of football. I look forward to giving kids hope that they can even when they tell themselves “I can’t”.

-Vondell Pilcher, E-Football Coach

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

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